CHRIST is the core and the heart of our mission. We guide and help our learners to model themselves in the likeness of Christ.


Gospel Values is an integral part of all our academic offerings, we mold them holistically. We are a community of believers and followers of the WORD and the EUCHARIST.

As one family we do pray together and celebrate the Eucharist every 2nd Friday of the Month and especially on feasts and celebrations such as:

  • Mass of the Holy Spirit
  • Feast of Sts. Anne and Joaquim
  • Virgen Del Pilar Feast/Family Feast Day
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Junior and Seniors Promenade Night
  • Graduation and Recognition


Pillarians seek the guidance and protection of our Blessed Mother so in our everyday living we are striving to follow the footsteps of Blessed Mother just as she gives her fiat to God. That by her example we may be able to imitate her obedience to GOD.


We utilize the talents of our students by allowing them to show it in different manner for the good cause. Each one of them makes the liturgy alive as they sing and make music to the Lord while a group of student play their instrument for the glory of God.


Grade 3 students will receive an intense formation and preparation as they will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Eucharist.


Junior and Senior students will have a challenging year as they concretely carry out the school's preferential option for the poorest and the neediest in line with universal charity. They share their time, knowledge and talents with the less fortunate children by being a living witness of Christ through their Pastoral Integration.

Pastoral Integration Schedule

Third Year- Every Saturday 2:30 – 4:30 PM
Fourth Year- Every Sunday 8:00 – 11:30 AM


We share in the Mission of Christ through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary in building and supporting good family relationship. We are giving them Recollection that reunites and replenish the love.


Senior students will have their Retreat as renewal of their commitment to God and preparation for their college life. This reinforces their commitment to God and sees the goodness and blessings they have.


We rekindle the love like fire that cannot quench of our faculty and staff through monthly spiritual formation.


All the students, parents, faculty and staff share the helping hands of Jesus by touching the hearts of the members of our community through contributing and participating in our annual outreach program.

We keep in touch with God through prayer; no work will be worthy without GOD.