Goals & Objectives

  1. A Catholic School:
    By being living witnesses of Christ, the SCSA commits to build a Christian Community. It creates an atmosphere, which benefits, the Catholic ideals, religious instructions, sacramental participation and Christ's witnesses without prejudice to students of other religious affiliations.
  2. A St. Anne's School:
    It is committed to selfless service, hospitality, preferential love for the poor and needy, quality education, meaningful relationship, genuine friendship and mutual respect.
  3. A Filipino School:
    It commits to inculcate patriotism – love, awareness, social responsibility and interaction with other racial and cultural groups.
  4. An English School:
    It commits to form students fully trained in English both spoken and written. It holds English as its medium of instruction. It is committed to form men and women who will fit into any part of the world, live in peace and feel at home with any nationality.
  5. A Service –oriented School:
    It is committed to the welfare of the poor and marginalized through outreach programs, scholarships and extension services.
  6. A co-educational School:
    It is committed to promote values, joy, free and healthy atmosphere, circumspect behavior, respect for sex, wholesome interactions and help children and youth to grow in mutual understanding of themselves and that of the others.
  7. A Community Based School:
    It commits to build the school in to a Christian family on the SCSA spirit of hospitality, togetherness and unity. It opens its doors to families in close link with the school and to the rest. It equips the parents to be part and parcel to the school, train them for values and quality education. It seeks the support and co-operation of the VDPS Family in building up the Catholic/Christian/Filipino Church and Society.