Grade 10

FILIPINO IV (PLUMA IV [Wika at Panitika para sa Mataas na Paaralan Ikalawang Edisyon)
Pluma at El Filibusterismo IV

Ang PLUMA Wika at Panitikan para sa Mataas na Paaralan (Ikalawang Edisyon) ay isang serye ng pinagsanib na aklat sa Wika atPanitikan na kung saan pumapaksa sa ibat-ibang aralin. Kabanata I "Katutubong Panitikan.. Yaman ng Bayan " Kabanata II " Asyanong panitikan … Susi sa Pagkakaibigan " III Mga Akdang Sarili at Dayuhan … Taglay Mayamang Kaisipan " at ang Kabanata IV " Katatagang Pampulitika at Pampamayanan, Pangarap Ko "

Ang "El Filibusterismo", nobelang isinulat ni Dr. Jose Rizal, ay isa sa mga pangunahing akdang pampanitikan. Dito nilikha at isinakatuparan ang paghihimagsik na binuo ng poot at luhang kinikimkim ng mga Pilipino noong panahon ng mga kastila. Sa pamamagitan nito ay naimulat ang mga Pilipino upang mapanatili ang ugali, paniniwala at kulturang sadyang atin. Ang kahinaan ay tumatalakay upang ang katatagan ay maisilang para sa lalong ikagigiting nating mga Pilipino. Inaasahan na sa pamamagitan ng aklat na ito na ang mga mag-aaral, gayundin ang mga guro, ay mauunawaan ang ating mga karapatan bilang mga Pilipino na ipinaglaban ng ating bayaning si Dr. Jose Rizal.

ENGLISH IV (English Communication Arts & Skills Through World Literature IV)

This course gives the students opportunities to learn, appreciate, and enjoy the different aspects of literature. Each block is designed to educate the students not only language proficiency but also personal growth and social maturity.

Moreover, students will be given a chance to explore more extensively new language activities, and more comprehensive set of activities that cover many learning aspects of language and literature.

It will also help the students to develop their vocabulary, speech, grammar, writing, and literary appreciation skills.


(Advance Algebra, Trigonometry & Statistics / Introduction to Analytic Geometry & Calculus)

This course introduces functions through the use of mathematical models. The polynomial functions are discussed in detail. These are followed by the transcendental functions like exponential and logarithmic, and trigonometric functions, which have many applications in the real world. The discussion on trigonometry covers both approaches, functional and trigonometric, while statistics covers the various methods of collecting and organizing data, their measures, analysis, and interpretation.

Calculus IV

In Mathematics, the concept of function is very important and useful. It appears in almost every branch of the subject. The idea of function in Mathematics, however, has slightly different meaning from that in ordinary language. We shall denote function as a specific type of correspondence or association between the elements of two sets.


C is an imperative (procedural) systems implementation language. It was designed to be compiled using a relatively straight forward compiler, to provide low-level access to memory, to provide language constructs that map efficiently to machine instructions, and to require minimal run-time support. C was therefore useful for many applications that had formerly been coded in assembly language

These are the essential information that the students will learn in this course. Activities will be given to them to help them master the use of web page which they can use in their daily living.


This subject anchors to modern the traditional Physics which will be undertaken by the fourth year students. It involves computing, analyzing, experimenting, and reasoning that explain the world beyond physics. 


The first part of the course will focus on the fundamentals of economics where they will learn the meaning of economics, its importance to daily life, how the products produce and the different economic system. Microeconomics is discussed in the second part of the course; it tackles about the demand and supply of products in the market, and the different market structures. Macroeconomics or economics in general which includes the national income, inflation and financial system, taxation, international trade, industrialization, and economic growth, different economic issues and problems like poverty and underground economy is discussed at the last part of the course.

CHRISTIAN LIVING IV (Called to Grow in Christian Social Responsibility)

This religion course develops the social, communitarian and ecclesial dimensions of the preceding course of Catholic Morality. This will help the students to exercise social responsibility. It offers a conceptual framework—principles and teachings of the Church regarding social issues, vocation, and discernment. These teachings and principles can help and guide our youth in looking for reasonable ways of helping our poor people and in building more peaceful and just Filipino society.

On Line with TLE IV

This course aims to provide classroom and laboratory experiences that will make the students comprehend and gain knowledge in different economics activities as they relate to the four component areas: Home Economics, Agricultural Arts, Industrial Technology and Business Technology. Each part presents a particular approach to the new program structure. It also provides activities and exercises to determine student's mastery.

Music IV

The course will focus on musical concepts and ideas in different periods and the musical styles, techniques and progress through time. Students will also understand the new musical system used in the twentieth century, the uniqueness of the music during romantic period, classical period, and Baroque and Renaissance period. It also explains its romantic melody, free form, freedom of expression, and its instruments.

Art IV

This course deals with the development of art and culture in different period, its creative method and application will allow the students to make artworks in different styles. It assists the students to know and discover how art influence the present culture, enumerate the art that is real present, and to understand the role of art in ever changing world and issues of society.


Training without an appropriate program of activities does not help the individual realize one's objective. No benefits are gained when training is wrong and insufficient. This course will assist the students to attain good health and physical fitness. Activities are carefully chosen to boost up the interest of the students and to develop their strength and capabilities. This will also aid them to learn and focus on physical education for the enhancement and maintenance of the acquired level of development.

Health IV

The course is comprised of five blocks which will focus on the true essence of Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning in the light of the Encyclical Letter of Pope Paul VI. This will give enlightenment most especially regarding the controversy brought by the pending law known to be as Reproductive Health Bill.

Second part of the course pertains to Old Age while the third one focuses on death. These two things are two of the three realities of life in which most individuals are really afraid of to face or to deal with.