Grade 4

Computer 4

The course is divided into four (4) blocks wherein every block is designed to enhance the knowledge of the pupils regarding the science in computer system and the technology and its features. It also enhances the knowledge of the pupils in using the PowerPoint 98/2003-2007, at the same time to develop their speed and skills in typing using the keyboard. The pupils will able to be familiar on the parts of the MS-Publisher 2003 and understand the importance of the program in creating a news letter and other business flyers.

Music 4

The inclusion of Music in the school curriculum is a great help in the child's personality development. It is an effective means of enhancing the promotion and proliferation of positive values and attitudes, specifically the love and pride of our cultural heritage.

This series, SUNSHINE: A Journey through the World of Music, Arts and Physical Education (Third Edition) provides the child with opportunities for relaxation and help in making the activities lively, exciting, interesting, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

This series provides the child with a variety of meaningful and fruitful concepts and activities that will help him/her become musically motivated. It is hoped that the meaningful experience will help the child discover himself/herself through joyful music and creative attempts.

Physical Education 4

"Sunshine 4, A Journey through the World of Music, Arts and P.E. (Third Edition)"
Alili M. Balasco, Ma. Corazon R. Elitiong, Esmeralda V. Pastor, and Lou B. Arnau,
Published by The Bookmark, Inc.

The course is divided into seven (7) blocks wherein every block is designed to meet the needs and enrich the skills of every child, further, every topics provides with variety of meaningful and fruitful concepts and activities that will help the pupils become physically fit, well skilled in sports, joyful, and creative in terms of leadership.

Every block contains group activities that will provide opportunities to the pupils to lead their members and emerged as a good leader not only in school but also in our society.

Art 4

Sunshine, A Journey through the World of Music, Arts and P.E. Third Edition
Alili M. Balasco
Published by The Bookmark, Inc.

This syllabus in ART 4 stresses and emphasizes the need for the child to experience the various activities and learn the different skills in Arts. It is designed to assist the student attain and face the challenge, direction, and change in life.

The contents show logical sequencing with materials organized according to the fundamental steps in learning. The activities are meaningful, comprehensive, and make provision for individual differences. They are designed so that the students' capability to create, appreciate, and enjoy the different skills and activities shared in every level are developed and organized.

Filipino 4

Bigkis 4
Maria Myrna C. Barranta and Ester J. Carganillo

Ang kabuan ng kursong ito ay may temang magbibigkis sa magkakaugnay na mga kaalaman, kasanayan at pagpapahalaga at salobin na may kaugnyan sa bawat aralin. Ito rin ay magsisilbing bigkis tungo sa pagkakaisa ng mga mamamayan o ng mga mag-aaral.

Ang bawat aralin ay nahahati sa kasanayang pagbasa at wika. Ang unang markahan ay tatalakay tungkol sa Pangngalan at panghalip kasama na din ang salita at paggamit ng diksyunaryo. Ang ikalawang markahan ay tungkol sa pandiwa at pang-uri kasama ng iba't-ibang katha na huhubog sa kaalaman ng bawat-isa tungkol sa pangyayari noon at sa kasalukuyan. Ang ikatlong Markahan ay tungkol naman sa sa kasanasan sa pagbuuo ng patalastas at sa mga pang-abay, pang-angkop, pangatnig at pagkilala sa pahayagan. Ang ikaapat na markahan ay tungkol sa Pangungusap.

Christian Living 4

Growing Up as a Christian 4 
Coordinators: Lourdes C. Reyes and Victoria L. Honrada
Project Directors: Bro. Andrew Gonzales, FSC and Rebecca L. Mendoza
Published by SIBS Publishing House.

This textbook Growing in Friendship with Jesus focuses on the loving presence of God that through Mary's magnificat to the message of the angel Gabriel he sends his Son Jesus Christ to save us from our sinfulness and the Holy Spirit who gives as many gifts and guides us in living a Christ-like life. As part of His love for us, He give us the Ten Commandments and the Church-as the successor of God's loving authority and presence to help us to strengthen and live our faith as a Christian-a believer of Christ Jesus.

History 4

Our Nation, Our World 4
Virginia Floresca-Cawagas, Teresita P. Pedrajas, Rolanda B. Dy, and Toh Swee-Hin(S.H. Toh) 
SIBS Publishing House Inc., 2005

This course comprises of four blocks which will help the students to understand better the concepts of the history of the Philippines.

The first block will focus about different types of maps, using the globes and identify its lines called latitudes and longitudes that will help the pupils understand how different places and time zones are located in the world. Another important topic is about the world's climate and weather. The pupils will learn about the different elements that determine the weather and climate in different parts of the world. The second block will discuss about our historical and cultural roots as a Filipino and influences of other cultures on early Philippine society. The third block will help the pupils learn about the lives of the Filipinos after the Philippines became an independent nation and know the Philippine presidents and their respective government that led the country and its people through several decades of economic, social, and political development. The fourth block will emphasize that the cultural diversity can help build national unity provided all cultures help others to meet their basic needs in mutual respect and dignity. Help the pupils understand and appreciate the sacrifices and contribution of our Filipino sisters and brothers who work hard as OFWs.

H.E.L.E. 4

Home Economics and Livelihood Education 4
Lee, Estifania Gloria L., et. al.
Phoenix Publishing House, Inc, Q.C., 2010.

This course aims help the students acquire meaningful and productive learning experiences. Lessons designed to provide opportunities to explore the fields of Personality Development, Home and Family Living, Housing, Food and Nutrition, Arts and Crafts, Sewing and Clothing Construction.

Differentiated approach is applied in every lesson. Prior knowledge of the students is used to present the topics. This is believed to help the students understand and appreciate the concepts and skills presented.

The course aims to equip the students with knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes to enable them to face the challenges in the society where they are in. Furthermore, emphasis is given to the formation of sound family values through lessons that encourage the students' fulfillment of their responsibilities as family members.

Language 4

Facets in English 4 (Reading)
Felicitas Vasquez-de Castro
Maria Jasmin Tolentino-Raymundo; ICS Publishing

Grammar in Focus 4
Skill Book (A Developmental Approach)
Lulu R. Manahan et. al

From Nouns to Interjections
A Textbook for Learners of English as a Second Language

Facets of English Language is based on the Basic Education Curriculum that attempts to introduce a new wave in facilitating classroom instruction anchored on the domains of comprehension, application and appreciation. The skills, strategies, and activities will provide the learners key questions which can be used to deepen the discussions and clarify concepts, even relating these with the practical facets of life and life experiences of every learner.

Reading 4

Reading Network 4
Delia Hamoy Soro; Sibs Publishing House

Facets in English (Reading)
Felicitas Vasquez-de Castro
Maria Jasmin Tolentino-Raymundo; ICS Publishing

Reading is an active dialogue between the author and the reader, and is the basic tool for learning in all subjects. It is a skill that helps individual to discover the answers to questions about existence. It stimulates students to further efforts to unravel the mysteries of nature. Moreover, it can take them into the world of thought and imagination, an adventure which enables them to acquire a clearer, deeper understanding of reality.

This Reading Network written by Delia Hamoy Soro published by the Sibs Publishing House aims to help the students learn the English language through reading process and develop their cognitive academic skills. These skills will enable the students to participate actively in the world. The learning activities are designed based on the active interaction of language and thought. It is also based on the rule of relating or matching the students' knowledge and past experiences with the new concepts and ideas in the reading text that will help students understand and appreciate the meaning and the values of the reading text.

Science 4

Science for Active Learning 4
Lilia G. Vengco, Regina R. Capili, Rodante G. Flores. Delia C. Navaza et. al. 
SIBS Publishing House Inc., 2008

This course comprises of four blocks which will help the students to understand better about human body, the living environment, the nonliving environment, and the earth.

The first block will discuss about the three human body systems: muscular, skeletal, and digestive systems and help the pupils appreciate the wonderful structure of our body. The second block will focus about the animals and plants. The pupils will learn their importance, its kind, and how they reproduce by its own. The third block will focus about nonliving things like mixtures, pollution, energy, soil and erosion, and the weather. Help the pupils understand how these nonliving things affect us. The fourth block will discuss about the planet earth, its beginning, and its movements.