Grade 5

Mathematics 5

Integrative Mathematics 5 
Recilda P. Villame., et al, ; SIBS Publishing House, Inc. 927 Q.C., 2011

The First Quarter will focus on Whole Numbers. The Second Quarter will focus on Number Theory. The Third Quarter will focus on Ratio, Proportion, and Percent. The Fourth Quarter will focus on Graphs.

Music 5

SUNSHINE 5: A Journey through the World of Music, Arts and P.E (Third Edition)
Urgelles, Ermeliza T., et al.
Published by The Bookmark, Inc.

The inclusion of Music in the school curriculum is a great help in the child's personality development. It is an effective means of enhancing the promotion and proliferation of positive values and attitudes, specifically the love and pride of our cultural heritage.

This series, SUNSHINE: A Journey through the World of Music, Arts and Physical Education (Third Edition) provides the child with opportunities for relaxation and help in making the activities lively, exciting, interesting, fulfilling, and enjoyable.
This series provides the child with a variety of meaningful and fruitful concepts and activities that will help him/her become musically motivated. It is hoped that the meaningful experience will help the child discover himself/herself through joyful music and creative attempts.

Art 5

SUNSHINE: A Journey through the World of Music, Arts and P.E. (Third Edition)
Ermeliza T. Urgelles and Francis Nico V. Pastor et al. 
Publisher by The Bookmark,Inc.

This series, SUNSHINE: A Journey through the World of Music, Arts and P.E. (Third Edition) provides the child with opportunities for relaxation and help in making the activities lively, exciting, interesting, fulfilling, and enjoyable. It is designed to meet the needs and enrich the skills and interest of the child in support of the Minimum Learning Competencies for MAPE. It is expected that the contents of this series will result in understanding and appreciation of ARTS and provide the child a total foundation to emerge as a good leader of our society and the fast changing world.

Physical Education 5

"Sunshine 5, A Journey through the World of Music, Arts and P.E. (Third Edition)" 
Ermelisa T. Urgelles, Francisco Nico V. Pastor, Ma. Corazon R. Elitiong, Cipriano L. Solbita, Esmeralda V. Pastor, and Lou B. Arnau,
Published by Bookmark, Inc.

The course is divided into four (4) blocks wherein every block is designed to meet the needs and enrich the skills of every child, further, every topics provides with variety of meaningful and fruitful concepts and activities that will help the pupils become physically fit, well skilled in sports, joyful, and creative in terms of leadership. It also helped them to discover their hidden talents in healthful physical education activities.
Every block contains group activities that will provide opportunities to the pupils to lead their members and emerged as a good leader not only in school but also in our society.

Christian Living 5

Living the Life of the Spirit 5
Coordinator: Amanda M. Boyles and Victoria L. Honrada
Project Directors: Bro. Andrew Gonzales, FSC and Rebecca L. Mendoza
Published by SIBS Publishing House

This book deals with how the Holy Spirit helps a member of the Christian community know his/her responsibilities toward fulfilling God's plan for his people and toward building up His Kingdom. It shows how the presence of the Holy Spirit should inspire the pupil to do acts of kindness and generosity towards other. The Beatitudes are discussed in this unit and the lessons explain how Jesus observed it in His life. It also deals with how the Holy Spirit can inspire the pupil to serve the members of his/ her Christian community toward building God's Kingdom on Earth. This book stresses the truth that God is our Father and that as his children; we should be united with Him.

Filipino 5

Awtor: Angelina Rosales-Cruz 
Awtor- Koordineytor: Pacita S. Carluen
SIBS Publishing House

Ang Bigkis ay isang salita sa Filipino na ang kahulugan ay isang tali na ginagamit upang pagsamahin, pagbuklurin, higpitan ang dalawa o marami pang mga bagay. Ginamit ng mga may- akda ang BIGKIS bilang pamagat ng serye ng Filipino sa elementary dahil sa paniniwalang kinakailangan ang maayos na pagsasama-sama ng mga kasanayan upang maging ganap ang pagkatuto ng mga mag-aaral.

History 5

Our Nation, Our World 5
Cawagas, Virginia F., et-al.
SIBS Publishing House, Inc., 2004

This course will deal on the history of the Philippines over many centuries. The first block will focus on the structures and functions of the Philippine government and on the rights and responsibilities of its citizenry. The second block will lead to the discovery on how the early Filipinos were able to develop their societies with scientific, technological, economic activities and cultural practices. The third until the fifth block will discuss about the foreign colonization of the country and how our nationalist heroes struggle for freedom, justice and independence. The sixth block will tackle on the contemporary issues and problems in the Philippines. Lastly, the seventh block will lead to the idea that the Philippines is a part of the Asia-pacific region and the world community in attaining progress and peace.

H.E.L.E 5

Home Economics and Livelihood Education 5 
Fulgencio, Maria Gracia A. et. al.
Phoenix Publishing House, Inc, QC. 2010

This course aims help the students acquire meaningful and productive learning experiences. Lessons designed to provide opportunities to explore the fields of Personality Development, Home and Family Living, Housing, Food and Nutrition, Arts and Crafts, Sewing and Clothing Construction. Differentiated approach is applied in every lesson. Prior knowledge of the students is used to present the topics. This is believed to help the students understand and appreciate the concepts and skills presented. The course aims to equip the students with knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes to enable them to face the challenges in the society where they are in. Furthermore, emphasis is given to the formation of sound family values through lessons that encourage the students' fulfillment of their responsibilities as family members.

Science 5

Science for Active Learning 5
Vengco, Lilia G., et al.
SIBS Publishing House, Inc., 2008

The course is comprised of 11 blocks which will focus on our body systems, our living environment, our physical environment, and our planet and solar system.

Every lesson contains activities or exercises for the pupils to develop science skills and augment their scientific skills. At the end each block is a test to evaluate the pupils acquired skills and knowledge.

Computer 5

Computer Manual: Office Application for Grade 5

This course syllabus composed of four blocks, with each block divided into several lessons that consist of simplified, step by step explanation, illustration as well as integrative activities for practical application of the concepts and skills that the students learned.

The first block will deal with computer society and health for the students to be aware on the history of computer before up to the future generation. The second and third block will focus on MS excel or spreadsheet program 2003 and 2007 version. Lastly, MS access 2003 or database program which help the students to create a program which will organize collection of data.

As a whole, it will help the learners to become creative, productive, and responsible users of information technology.

Language 5

Facets of English Language
Lanny A. Osano, et al, 
Instructional Coverage System Publishing Inc. Marikina City, 2011

The First Block focuses on the basic grammar that grammar explains about the Noun. This is a pre-requisite for the pupils to learn the grammar. The Block 2 focuses on the Verb and it explains about the variation of the Verbs into their broader sense. The Block 3 focuses the Adverbs for them to realize the essence of it and the difference of it from the Adjective. The Block 4 it focuses on the Adjectives for the pupils broaden their minds about the words wherein they will encounter that. The Block 5 they can easily identify and analyze the usage of Conjunction and the direct and indirect speech in a sentence.

Reading 5

Reading Network 5
Violeta P. Tandoc., et al, 
SIBS Publishing House, Inc., Q.C., 2008

The first block explains about the importance of the family to the students. It focuses to the belongingness of the people to each other. It emphasizes the relationship of people not only to the nature but also to the world. The second block focuses on the environment and how environment does was made by the creator. The third block describes the human's actions toward the obstacles that come into their life. The fourth block states about how people become competent and competitive in the field of making garbage, trash into a useful thing.