Grade 6

Physical Education 6

"Sunshine 6, A Journey through the World of Music, Arts and P.E. (Third Edition)"
Randy G. Mendoza, Francisco Nico V. Pastor, Ma. Corazon R. Elitiong, Cipriano L. Solbita, Esmeralda V. Pastor, and Lou B. Arnau ; Published by The Bookmark, Inc.

The course is divided into four (4) blocks wherein every block is designed to meet the needs and enrich the skills of every child, further, every topics provides with variety of meaningful and fruitful concepts and activities that will help the pupils become physically fit, well skilled in sports, joyful, and creative in terms of leadership. It also helped them to discover their hidden talents in healthful physical education activities.

Every block contains group activities that will provide opportunities to the pupils to lead their members and emerged as a good leader not only in school but also in our society.

Reading 6

Reading Network 6
Melanie G. Maminta-Donkor 
Publisher: SIBS Publishing House, Inc., Q.C., 2008

The Reading Network written by Melanie G. Maminta-Donkor published by SIBS Publishing House, Inc. is used for classroom reading. As students read these stories which are divided into four units, we hope to develop additional vocabulary that can heightened their interest as students make text to self and text to experience connections. The stories also give students real-life fiction and non-fiction writing examples which can aid in their own writing and hoping that they can link it in their on-going journey.

Reading helps students develop language skills and prepares them for recognizing the written word. With this standard we hope to involve the student's use of strategies, student-generated test questions, and critical thinking to construct meaning and develop an understanding and importance of the English language.

Our English Program aims to develop students that are able to effectively communicate in a bilingual society. To achieve this purpose the program will present English Language Learning with varied, dynamic and interactive activities that are organized in four language strands (oral communication, written communication, reading comprehension and literary appreciation). These strands involve expectations and similar skills that develop and expand over time.

Reading should be a big part of a student's life. It is not enough to be limited to schoolbooks. Students must be surrounded with a variety of reading materials but not limited to magazines, newspaper, and comic books. There is a good collection of books at the school library. Ask the teacher librarian about choices that are age and interest appropriate.

Evaluation Method: (subject to change at the teacher's discretion)

• Rubrics prior to the given activity may vary, Formative and Summative Quizzes/Tests, Assignments, Projects, Researches

Thematic: (subject to change according to classroom's needs and progress, per Unit)
• Working together, Blending with the environment, Knowing you, knowing me, Wandering Beyond

Filipino 6

Bigkis 6
Maria Myrna C. Barranta and Ester J. Carganillo

Ang kabuuan ng kursong ito ay may iisang tema na magbibigkis sa magkakaugnay na mga kaalaman, kasanayan at pagpapahalaga at damdamin sa bawat aralin. Ang lahat ng mga aralin ay nagsisimula sa Kasanayan sa Wika o Kasanayang Pangkomunikasyon. Nagbibigay ang bawat bahagi ng pagkakataong magamit ang Wikang Filipino sa pagpapahayag ng kaisipan at damdamin. Mula sa kasanayang Pangkomunikasyon, ito ay susundan ng pagbasa sa akda, pagsagot ng mga pagsasanay sa mga kasanayang pantalasilataan, pang-unawa at mga kasanayang pambalarila. Ang kursong din ito ang gagabay sa pag-aaral ng wikang Filipino na magiging makabuluhan, at kawili-wili ang pagtalakay sa bawat aralin.

History 6

Our Nation, Our World 6
Cawagas, Virginia F., and Toh Swee-Hin
SIBS Publishing House, Inc., 2004

This syllabus is divided into six blocks which will encourage the students to learn more about the Philippines and its People.

The first block will focus on the geography and culture of the Philippines, where the students learn more about the geographical features of the Philippine islands and the richness of our past. On the second block, the students will know more about the structure and functions of the Philippine Government. The third block will discuss on the rights and duties of the Filipino citizens.

The fourth block will deal on the important idea of development where they will begin to understand that development requires not only good policies and plans, but also fair and effective implementation so that poverty and social injustice can be resolved. While the fifth and sixth block will help the students to discover the role of the Philippines in maintain world peace and unity among nations.

Science 6

Science for active Learning 5, 2008
Vengco, Lilia G. et al.

The course is comprised of 12 blocks. The topics discuss about the living things, nonliving things, and their interaction with the environment, the sky and beyond. Every lesson contains activities or exercises for the pupils to develop science skills and augment their scientific skills. At the end, each block is a test to evaluate the pupils acquired skills and knowledge.

Mathematics 6

Integrative Mathematics 6 
Recilda P. Villame., et al,; Sibs Publishing House, Inc. 927 Q.C., 2011

The First Quarter will focus on Whole Numbers. The Second Quarter will focus on Fractions. The Third Quarter will focus on Geometry. The Last Quarter will focus on Integers.

Language 6

Facets of English Language 6
Author: Ginny de Guzman del Rosario
Editor/Coordinator: Jose Ramelle E. Javier 
Instructional Coverage System Publishing Inc. Marikina City, 2011

Facets of English Language is based on the Basic Education Curriculum. It is an attempt to introduce a new wave in facilitating classroom instruction anchored on the domains of comprehension, application and appreciation. At the end of each lesson, collaborate skill and learning will be enhanced in their constructs of new ideas, in a manner that is less threatening and loaded with fun and creativity.

An evaluation component is designed to assist the learner in rationalizing his progress. There is a spectrum of tools for evaluation that ranges from journal, rubric, open-ended sentence/s for reflection, research papers and interview/survey and others.

The array of activities in every lesson will drive the class to experience a creative exchange of insights and feelings and inspire them to construct new ideas.

Christian Living 6

Living the Life of the Spirit 5
Coordinator: Bro. Andrew Gonzales, FSC and Victoria L. Honrada
Project Directors: Bro. Andrew Gonzales, FSC and Rebecca L. Mendoza 
Published by Sibs Publishing House

This book starts with the reference to the Old Testament as the story of Salvation in the Chosen People's experience of God. It pictures God's mercy and goodness, the entry of evil into the world through sin, the rise and fall of the Israelites, and finally, the forming of the people in preparation for the coming of the Messiah. Unit 2 shows how God's personal love for his people was manifested when Jesus Christ entered human history. It is also presents how, through Christ, we acquired son ship by adoption, salvation through the forgiveness of sins and the grace to respond to God's call. Unit 3 introduces the initiation sacraments. Unit 4 discusses the other sacraments.

Computer 6

The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of users worldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope, that are linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies. The Internet carries a vast range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents of the World Wide Web (WWW) and the infrastructure to support electronic mail.

In computing, an office suite, sometimes called an office software suite or productivity suite is a collection of programs intended to be used by knowledge workers. The components are generally distributed together, have a consistent user interface and usually can interact with each other, sometimes in ways that the operating system would not normally allow.

H.E.L.E. 6

Home Economics and Livelihood Education 6
Bernardino, Josephine C. ; Phoenix Publishing House, Inc, Q.C., 2010

This course aims help the students acquire meaningful and productive learning experiences. Lessons designed to provide opportunities to explore the fields of Personality Development, Home and Family Living, Housing, Food and Nutrition, Arts and Crafts, Sewing and Clothing Construction and Entrepreneurship.

Differentiated approach is applied in every lesson. Prior knowledge of the students is used to present the topics. This is believed to help the students understand and appreciate the concepts and skills presented.

The course aims to equip the students with knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes to enable them to face the challenges in the society where they are in. Furthermore, emphasis is given to the formation of sound family values through lessons that encourage the students' fulfillment of their responsibilities as family members.

Music 6

SUNSHINE 5: A Journey through the World of Music, Arts and P.E (Third Edition)
Urgelles, Ermeliza T., et al.; Published by The Bookmark, Inc.

The inclusion of Music in the school curriculum is a great help in the child's personality development. It is an effective means of enhancing the promotion and proliferation of positive values and attitudes, specifically the love and pride of our cultural heritage.

This series, SUNSHINE: A Journey through the World of Music, Arts and Physical Education (Third Edition) provides the child with opportunities for relaxation and help in making the activities lively, exciting, interesting, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

This series provides the child with a variety of meaningful and fruitful concepts and activities that will help him/her become musically motivated. It is hoped that the meaningful experience will help the child discover himself/herself through joyful music and creative attempts.

Art 6

Sunshine A journey through the World of Music, Arts and P.E. Third Edition
Randy G. Mendoza, et al.; The Bookmark, Inc. 2010

The inclusion of Arts in this course is a great help in the child's personality development. It is an effective means of enhancing and proliferation of positive values and attitudes, specifically the pride of our cultural heritage.

These six blocks, provides the child with opportunities for relaxation and helps in making the activities lively, exciting, interesting, fulfilling, and enjoyable. Furthermore, this course provides the learner with a variety of meaningful and fruitful concepts and activities that will help him/her become a CREATIVE ARTIST.