Virgen Del Pilar School Guidance and Counseling Center provides assistance to individuals in making intelligent choices and adjustment in their lives. The purpose of it is to boost in each individual up to the limit of their capacity, the ability to solve their own problems and to make their own adjustments.


The following services are currently being offered to achieve the Guidance Program objectives:

  1. Individual Inventory Service
    The Individual Inventory service pertains to the gathering, analyzing and storing of students' information. Each student has an envelope which is kept in a secured place to ensure privacy and confidentiality.
  2. Counseling Service
    The Counseling Service may either be individual or group but both are characterized as confidential. It is an interpersonal process of helping students in handling their problems by using their own sources.
  3. Testing Service
    The Testing Service refers to the conducting and interpreting of standardized psychological test given to the students and the teachers with regards to their ability, achievement, personality, interest and others.
  4. Career Development Service
    Career Development Service aims to assist the students in strengthening their personality, help them to decide which career path to take and in preparation for their future. The activities are:
    1. Career Assessment
    2. Career Orientation
    3. Career Exposure Trip
  5. Referral Service
    Referral Service is rendered when students need assistance that is beyond the ability of their teacher or scope of their responsibility.
  6. Information Service
    Information Service is the condition of adequate academic, personal and social data to guide the students in composing responsible choices and decisions.
  7. Research and Evaluation Service
    Research and Evaluation Service pertains to the students' needs, test results and other important data to be studied and be able to improve the guidance program and its services.


The Virgen Del Pilar School  Guidance and Counseling Center is open daily from 7:30 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. from Monday to Friday and it is located at the Ground Floor of the High School Building.

The Virgen Del Pilar School Guidance and Counseling is closed on holidays and on days when classes are suspended.

Happy to serve you!

Guidance Counselor: Ma.Hazel A. Pulanco