Language Kinder

English for Young Achievers B is written for kindergarten. This is the second three books in the Lessons for young Achievers. There are four units that will help you learn things about yourself, about your family and friends, about your community, and about the world-as you use the English language. After using this book, we hope you will learn that just like Filipino, English is a beautiful language.

Science Kinder

Science for Active Learning will give you a chance to discover interesting things around you, to solve problems that make you wonder, and to do or create things as you learn to design and make useful and helpful materials. The series comes with developmentally appropriate activities for preschoolers, activities that would encourage mind to think. Through these, you will be encouraged to do things on your own, and eventually, you will feel proud for being a big help in the world to live in.

Each book will give you a chance to have fun as you explore the world of science through manipulation, observation, interpretation, and experimentation. The songs, rhymes, poems, chants, and riddles in each book will make you enjoy the lessons, for as an active learner you deserve these kinds of materials. Moreover the component I Found Out will teach your young mind to summarize the concepts and skills you have learned through concept mapping. As you grow and become aware of the things that surround you, Science for Active Learning will provide everything you need to enable you to cope with the global needs of the second millennium.

Reading Kinder

This book, Beginning to Read and Write is written specially for kindergarten children. This is the second of three reading books in the Lessons for Young Achievers series. With this book, you will learn more about the letters of the alphabet. Then you will begin reading words, phrases, sentences, and stories.

Art Kinder

This Wizard Art K is based on the Basic Education Curriculum. It develops the child's artistic mind in the areas of formation of lines, shapes, colors, self-expressions, and wonderful art works. This work text not only gives fun for them but also a deeper understanding and appreciation of God's creation and the nature through values, as well as observing the environment where he/she belongs.

Christian Living Kinder

The series has a specific focus based on the cognitive and social development of the children and it utilizes the human evocative approach with the interaction of interactive and transformative techniques. The activities are diversified, from individual to dyads and group with the utilization of the multiple intelligences. A summary of the doctrine/creed is provided after each lesson to enhance understanding and facilitate their application in real life situations. It links the learners' experiences with faith. In this phase the lesson, the teacher expounds further on the relationship between what is happening and what God wants. It connects our human experiences with what God wants us to do to become.

The learners should realize that knowing our faith doctrine is not sufficient. There are individual, paired or group activities, performed or written which the learners are tasked to do. Paired and group tasks develop the learners' interpersonal intelligence where they socialize and learn with one another while individual task enable the learners to be more reflective of their actions.

Filipino Kinder

Ito ay makatutulong sa iyong pakikinig, pagsasalita, pagbasa at pagsulat sa wikang Filipino. Kawiwilihan mo ang mga gawain sa aklat na ito tulad ng pagbigkas ng tugma, pagguhit, pagkukulay, pag-awit nang may aksyon at iba pang Gawain. Higit sa lahat matutulungan ka ng aklat na ito upang maging makabayan at may pagmamahal sa sariling wika.

Mathematics Kinder

This preschool series aims to equip the pupils with the basic mathematical skills and concepts to enable them to meet the challenges in mathematics in the elementary level. The basic concepts, skills, and facts are presented using the pupils' daily life experiences to help them solve problems that apply mathematical concepts at home, in school, and in the community.
Each book comes in the form of a worktext. Sufficient practical and challenging exercises in every lesson enable the pupils to develop mastery of specific skills. Exercises that include games, puzzles, and manipulative activities are found in Enrichment Exercises and Mathamazer.

Music and Physical Education Kinder

It develops children's appreciation to music at the same time lead them to acquisition of language. Learning music helps children to become more interested in reading. It also helps them to strengthen their knowledge in this area. It makes the learner to express their emotions and feelings through action songs.

Physical Education enhances children's gross motor development through activities like dancing and games. It helps to enjoy learning and interaction with their peers.