Reading Nursery

This book, Before I Can Read and Write, is written specifically for nursery children. It is the first of three reading books in the Lessons for young Achievers series. We hope that you will enjoy using this book as it prepares you for the wonderful world of words.

Christian Living Nursery

The series has a specific focus based on the cognitive and social development of the children and it utilizes the human evocative approach with the interaction of interactive and transformative techniques. The activities are diversified, from individual to dyads and group with the utilization of the multiple intelligences. A summary of the doctrine/creed is provided after each lesson to enhance understanding and facilitate their application in real life situations. It links the learners' experiences with faith. In this phase the lesson, the teacher expounds further on the relationship between what is happening and what God wants. It connects our human experiences with what God wants us to do to become.
God in our life links the learners' experiences with faith. It connects our human experiences with what God wants us to do to become. God Talks to Us is capped by a Bible passage which the learners can easily know by heart. God Calls Us to Action constitutes our faith response to what God wants us to do. In a Talk to God, we express our reflection on what we have learned about God's words. 
Let us build intellectuals with character, with hearts, and with social awareness and concern; learners who are able to become agents of change and transformation too.

Writing Nursery

Write Smart A

Author: Elizabeth Montemayor-Aparato
Consultant: Margarita Ventenilla- Hamada

Smart adults are aware that children balk at chores. So, they make these "chores" look like fun activities to make children do them with eagerness. In level A, boxes, not lines, are provided in which three to four year olds can execute their strokes with a crayon- their very first writing instrument. These boxes prevent these very young writers from getting visually confused.

Workbook A starts with drills on prewriting strokes and gives introductory lessons on writing the alphabet. Nursery pupils use a crayon as their first writing instrument and write on boxes instead of on lines for more leeway for writing errors.

Math Nursery

This book, Math for Young Achievers A, is written for nursery children. This is the first of the three math books in the Lessons for Young Achievers series. Enjoy using this book as you learn about shapes, sizes, heights, lengths, pattern, numbers 1 to 10, and many more.

Art Nursery

This Wizard Art N is based on the Basic Education Curriculum. It develops the child's artistic mind in the areas of formation of lines, shapes, colors, self-expressions, and artistic designs.

This work text not only gives fun for them but also a deeper understanding and appreciation of God's creation and the nature through values, as well as observing the environment where he/she belongs.

Music Nursery


The years before children enter kindergarten are critical for their musical development. Young children need a rich musical environment in which to grow. Thus, this course provides many opportunities to explore sound through singing, moving, listening and playing instruments as well as introducing experiences with verbalization and visualization of musical ideas. This includes teaching them traditional children's folk songs, classical music, nursery rhymes and music from a variety of cultures, styles and time periods which of high quality and has lasting value.

In this course, they use their voices expressively through singing a variety of single songs in various keys, meters and genres alone and with a group. Each musical idea brings their own unique interests and abilities to the music learning environment which helps them develop critical thinking skills. The child's experience in social and musical aspects of showing music and making music together supports their total development in physical, emotional, social and cognitive aspects.

Physical Education Nursery


The concept of the kindergarten Physical Education curriculum encourages and demonstrates children's engagement in dancing and joining educational games which lead to and promote enjoyable and vicarious experiences.

In this course, children are introduced to the varieties of music (jazz, hip – hop, tap, modern, and lyrical), rhythms, basic movements of the body and awareness of individual responses to music as well as different children's games.

The primary goals of the course are to allow the child to become more efficient in coordination, motor control, disciplined social activity and mastery of very basic dance movements. While the games, give the child's an opportunity to experience the wide range of learning while developing an active involvement with other children which allows them to explore and experience variety of steps and styles to respond and express what they hear and feel through movement.

This course supports and establishes not only for the development of physical growth but also for the intellectual, emotional and social development such as positive self- esteem, critical and analytical thinking, and socially activeness in diverse backgrounds.