We believe ...

  1. With gratitude, that God is love, the author of our existence and of all gifts that make our life possible and happy.
  2. In strong prayer life through covenantal relationship with Christ in the Sacraments, in His Word and the Eucharistic celebration; devotions to Mary - Virgen Del Pilar, Blessed Maria Rafols and Fr. John Bonal.
  3. That the families are the principal persons responsible for the education of their children and we entrust them to the protection and blessings of Sts. Anne and Joaquim.
  4. In promoting the climate of charity and hospitality, simplicity and service with preference to the poorest and neediest; our students are served as "our masters".
  5. In forming the young to become agents of his/her own development to reach maturity, able to face problems with a sense of responsibility from early age, valuing inner meaningful silence.
  6. That our model in education is characterized in three dimensions: Individual Dimension, Social Dimension, Transcendental Dimension.
  7. That educational activity is a life - long process; not only marked by teaching methods, but it is also a "style", a way of being, receiving and evaluating; valuing work and collective effort.
  8. In adopting new values and new technologies analyze, evaluate and choose those fundamental elements that we consider must be integrated into our educative processes.
  9. That our school community is God's steward of His creation, thus we promote and maintain in our privileged place ecological balance.
  10. In open collaboration with others to build up together a different world where everyone has his bread, his space and his word to live in dignity.