We believe ...

  1. With gratitude, that god is the author of our existence; we commune with Christ through the Gospel strong prayer life, Sacraments and Eucharistic celebration; devotions to Mary, blessed Maria Rafols and Father John Bonal.
  2. That the families are the primary educators; we support and entrust them to the protection of Saints Anne and Joaquim.
  3. In serving our students as "our masters" instilling charity, hospitality, simplicity  and love for the most vulnerable we build up a better world where everyone has his bread, his space, his word and his dignity.
  4. In forming the young to become responsible and matured agents of evangelization and of their own development, empowered to face challenges; valuing inner meaningful silence. 
  5. That our model of education is characterized by three dimensions: Individual, Social and Transcendental
  6. In our style of educating the young with holistic love; valuing work with total commitment and collective effort, we adopt new values and technologies, choose, analyze and integrate the fundamentals.
  7. That our school community is a privileged place; as  God's stewards we promote and maintain ecological balance.