School Seal

King Alphonsus V of Spain was a great devotee of Mother Mary. In the year 1425, when the Hospitalof Our Lady of Grace was founded, he gave this seal as the seal of the Hospital. In the year 1804, Mother Maria Rafols and a group of young women under the direction of Fr. John Bonal administered the same hospital. The King granted the privilege to Mother Maria Rafols to use it as the seal of the Congregation of Sisters of Charity of St. Anne.

The things you notice are:

Jar of Lilies Purity and Blossom Virgen Del Pilar School Logo
Cross Triumph
Laurel Victory
Palm Welcome and Flourish
Royal Crown Kingly
Ad majorem dei gloriam For the greater glory of God


Today, you have, the privilege, to use this seal. You shall be pure and bloom like the lilies, in the School and outside. Life is of both joys and sorrows. If you are ready to accept these, you shall achieve your goal. The fragrance of your life shall spread out like palm and laurel. Thus in the sight of God you shall wear the Royal Crown. You shall keep away selfishness.