• Demonstrate skills that will make the KAB Scout a useful and responsible citizen
  • Show Respect by obeying his elders
  • Participate willingly in family activities
  • Practice leadership and followership skills
  • Make wise choices and simple decisions
  • Practice desirable health and safety habits
  • Practice physical fitness skills


  • Lead each scout into service
  • Develop character, citizenship, and skills for self-reliance directed towards service to others
  • Create activities which are boy-planned and boy- implemented with adults
    providing guidance and supervision
  • Provide opportunities for outdoor experiences through camping, hiking and community service
  • Work together as a team through Patrol System which offers opportunities for leadership


  • Acquire knowledge and develop right values, attitudes, skills and habits through outdoor, social, service, and vocational activities
  • Develop good personal and public relations
  • Undertake challenging activities and man-size responsibilities along pathways that make the long journey to responsible manhood
  • Plan and carry out many exciting activities, participating in the conduct of their own affairs, and taking an active role in whatever they(scouts) agree to do
  • Develop leadership skills


  • Contribute to the education of young adults in a non-formal way through a value system based on Scout Oath and Law
  • Contribute to the moral and spiritual uplift of young adults while respecting their religious convictions
  • Assist young adults in developing decision-making skills and accountability
    Provide specific method by which young adults may become self-reliant
  • Prepare young adults for service during emergencies
  • Provide young adults for leadership in the Boy Scouts of the Philippines
  • Train young adults for responsible citizenship
  • Provide opportunities for active leadership and participation in community projects that will promote nvironmental development and healthful living
  • Promotes desirable Filipino custom
  • Develop awareness of family responsibilities



  • Inculcate the value of team leadership
  • Develop the sense of responsibilities as a young citizen of our country
  • Have discipline and work with initiative as they work together
  • Develop the time management in performing a certain task
  • And develop the personal fitness



  • Develop the sense of responsibility as a young productive and God fearing individuals
  • Train to be discipline and have time management in performing certain task
  • Bring out leaders among the rosters



  • Provide a program of fun and challenging activities for girls that will help them to develop
    Into well founded individuals and useful persons in a challenging world.
  • Equip girls with the basic fundamental attitudes and skills which will help them face the future. It seeks to complement and supplement the knowledge and experience which girls gather and learn at home, in school, in church and other institutions.
  • Discriminate between superstitions that drag us back and beautiful traditions which should be upheld to guide them towards finding out for themselves through active investigation the treasures that our heritage holds for them.